Heart Attack – Healed

Walked into his miracle

Blind Lame TB – Healed.

IBrenda was at the point of death

Disabled – Healed

Born with body parts twisted

Mute Lame Muslim – Healed

Shanaaz was touched by Jesus Christ.

Stroke and Crippled – Healed

I remember how God healed this women in Bonella Durban. Her husband was weeping to walk with his love in his arms again. 

Born Deaf & Dumb – Healed

Desperate faith manifests the power of God

The Healing Of Sarah Brown
From sustained suffering to the freedom of healing!

Growth – Healed

48 years of being hunched backed with a tumor

Miracles manifesting in ACTSFIRE
After we closed the meeting, God started moving, healing people of spinal injuries, crippling arthritis and short limbs. Jesus Christ is healing the people.