My family has gone through and is continuing to use Demon Detox and have had tremendous breakthrough and success as a family. Our marriage, finances, business, quality of life and much more have prospered exponentially since being introduced to Apostle Ricardo Watson Ph.D and Demon Detox. The investment made into the modules has been a drop in the bucket in comparison to the freedom we now walk in as a family.
Veronique Dieng
I recommend this investment into your freedom. Dr Ricardo Watson addresses things that you have never dealt with, most likely you didn’t know you were bound. When you became a Son of God, freedom from oppression became available to you! That’s the good news! Salvation is automatic because of grace but freedom from oppression is available but not automatic, it must be appropriated by the blood of Jesus through repentance, focus and authority. This is done through the authority of Christ through this apostle. Get DemonDetox today and be liberated!
Jill Marie Thomas
This is the most relevant scriptural based program available on the earth right now. Being a Christian my entire life. I never understood the reasons to the oppressed life I was living as husband, father and this might shock you a minister of the gospel until I went through this liberation process of Demon Detox. It has freed me, my family our church and now we are using this resource to bring total liberty from oppressive spirits everywhere here in Africa. To Apostle and his beloved family, God bless you’ll for your labor of love in making this resource available to the world in spreading the good news by setting the captives free and bringing liberty to the oppressed. To the saints this resource is to be experienced and not explained so invest in your own liberty and experience total liberty in the Holy Spirit while being detoxed from every oppressive spirit. The Lord bless you.
Pastor Wesley Watson
Altamente recomendado para aquellos que realmente quieren vivir en libertad espiritual. Las oraciones de poder y autoridad, los estudios bíblicos fundamentados en la Palabra de Dios, los ayunos y el liderato del Apostol Watson, PhD, son la herramienta perfecta para limpiar tu vida. Como familia hemos sentido el impacto positivo y libertador de “Demon Detox” es literalmente desentoxicar tu cuerpo, alma y espiritu de aquello que provoca que Dios se aleje de ti. No dudes en invertir en tu libertad.
Alexa La Perseverante

“Good evening, Apostle,

Thank you for dealing with the python spirit tonight. As a child I remember being diagnosed with scoliosis. I looked at my back in the mirror yesterday and could clearly see the curvature/ twists. I have been trying to stretch out my back for the last few days and even searched to see if there were any physical therapy stretches online geared toward the condition. I finally felt relief tonight! As soon as you began praying, I started yawning like crazy and belched in between and it continued on the way home.

You went further in prayer to address our bosses and the marketplace. After I officially joined this company in late January of this year, I physically see my boss manifesting. Whenever my boss and I are talking alone, her tongue comes out of her mouth and moves side to side, like a snake flicking it’s tongue, and that serpent looks at me through her eyes. Something’s definitely going on behind the scenes at my job and I have literally felt like something/one is trying to squeeze out whatever sense of accomplishment/value and vitality I have/have had in my role.

***Identity concealed to protect career***

Identity Protected
“Good morning, Apostle,

Thank you for dealing with the spirit of demonic sensual residual filth and python yesterday and encouraging us not to be weighed down by the same of what’s happened in the past sexually. I crafted a message earlier this week and was too ashamed to send it. The minute you began to pray in these areas, my body began to thrust then violently shake as I headed to my kitchen.

Through your teachings in the last few months, many things were uncovered and I had to face some painful truths, like how my mother was not “playing/joking” with me but molesting me growing up. She and my aunt paraded their nakedness around the house and had no respect of privacy and often walked into the bathroom/bedroom. You spoke some time ago about the music of the 80s that was hyper-sexualized and I can attest to that and saw how many children in my neighborhood, including myself, at young ages were experimenting with the same sex and swapping sexual stories about their own experience or what they saw/heard their parent(s) – pure filth and defilement. I’ve dealt with deep rejection, particularly self-rejection/hate, from a young age and really struggled to make and keep right relationships all throughout my life, but I believe my testimony is changing as I continue to receive ministry and implement discipline. I thank God for His grace and mercy – more light is coming through in my dreams and the fog in my mind is lifting. The truth that “sex is not love” has been ringing through my ears – this was a major lie I believed but didn’t recognize.

This has been an intense time and I wanted to quit more times than I can count, but I am grateful for His grace that carried me through and your diligence to come and believe better for me than I ever did.” (Identity concealed to protect the person)

Miss B
My husband, son and I, all started Demon Detox about one week ago and are currently half way through the program. We had been through other types of “deliverance” sessions, yet there were still things that were not lining up with what I believed was God’s will for our lives based on His written Word.

Through prayer and Gods grace, we encountered Apostle Ricardo Watson and #DemonDetox. So far the program has gone beyond expectations. We are getting delivered from things that we thought we were already delivered from! We have experienced many of the manifestation listed on the #Demon_Detox website and are experiencing deeper levels of freedom.

Anyone who is tired of wandering around the wilderness (Egypt) and ready to step into the loving promises of God (the Promise Land) needs to invest in this program. This is the most fertile soil we have ever sown into. The spiritual shift in our family is proof of the anointing in Apostle Ricardo’s life and the power and love of God through our Lord and Savior, King Jesus.

Blessings to you your ministry.

In Him,
Mark, Gayle and Clayton

The Sackett Family